Rhonda Rosalee's entertainment years began in elementary school when her first-grade teacher asked her to sing for the class. Rhonda is a self-taught musician and recording artist. She has been playing the piano since she was 8 years old and has been composing songs since she was 13. As a young adult, Rhonda composed gospel music and performed in juvenile detention centers and prisons. In 2003, Rhonda Rosalee returned to the bench and has been recording what she calls, "The trappings of an emotional spirit."

Rhonda Rosalee's albums, "The Passage" and "Destination Beyond", released April 2004, are currently being remixed and mastered and will be available for purchase again in 2007. Rhonda Rosalee's most recent album, "Chasing Shadows", was released in 2006, and is the sequel to her album "Behind the Shadow" released in 2005. The albums contain emotion driven music that depicts personal experiences, international affairs, and world issues. Rhonda's goal is to state opinions from a musician's point of view.

Rhonda Rosalee's musical exhibitions are driven by a passion to compose for film. However, on the contrary, she believes that "Music holds a subliminal effect within itself." An echo of occurring events is displayed in each of her songs.

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